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Synthetic Grass SA

Synthetic Grass SA provides synthetic grass for residential or office gardens, school playgrounds and sports clubs. We specialize in High Density synthetic grass solutions in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. Synthetic Grass SA offers luxury synthetic grass for landscaping purposes that looks and feels like natural grass while adding value to your property. It is durable, versatile and UV-resistant so it won't fade when exposed to the sun.

Save money, time and water! Reduce gardening costs such as maintenance, fertilizer and fueling lawn equipment when switching to high density synthetic grass. Don't waste your weekends mowing the lawn, now you can spend your time doing the things you love. We pride ourselves on our high quality, luxury grass that is able to handle the harsh weather conditions in South Africa.

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How To Choose Your Grass

Synthetic Grass SA offers three types of synthetic grass. Our range of synthetic grass starts from the budget end and continues right through to the high quality, high density, textured detail of realistic looking grass, such as 'Royal Terrace' Luxury Grass product which has proved to be a popular choice for residential use.

When choosing the type of synthetic grass best suited for your needs it is important to consider some of the following. Will the grass be indoors or outdoors, mostly in the sun or in the shade, will you have kids and pets playing on the grass?

What Makes The Best Synthetic Grass?

With so many synthetic grass ranges to choose from it can be difficult to choose between products, and as you can see there are different looks, feel and thicknesses that you need to take into consideration. Generally the thicker the synthetic grass, the better it is, but the quality of the grass is determined by the density of the pile.

Technology has improved a great deal causing the synthetic grass to look like the real thing. Our Synthetic Grass range is manufactured using only hihg quality products, making it suitable for all locations and weather conditions.